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Free software and open standards supporter. GNU/Linux user.

Senior software developer having a technical leadership in programming for the Web environment. Skillful at JavaScript, HTML5 APIs and CSS. Working with services and API integrations, including REST and SOAP. Building rich Python web apps (Flask and Django) and modern JavaScript "single-page" apps connected to backend APIs and microservices.

Solid knowledge of relational databases, data structures and algorithms. Many years of PHP experience using popular frameworks. Working with C now and then, crossing the "language gap", moving data around, connecting different apps and systems into a single big picture.

Interested in eID integrations, SAML and oAuth authentication, Digital Signatures, RFID and smart card programming (mostly Java, some Python).

Work experience in natural language processing (searching, indexing & information retrieval), computational linguistics and software localization.

Ready to think strategically, making right technical decisions to benefit your business. Can code blindfolded in at least one imperative programming language.


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